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Guidelines for Processing Firearms Applications

Please be advised the processing of all firearms applications could take up to THREE (3) MONTHS and, on rare occasions, longer. Every effort will be made to complete the application request within 30 days; however, delays may occur due to State/ Federal fingerprints and background checks. 

Your application must be filled out completely including your date of birth, weight, phone numbers, zip codes, etc. These are all very important in order to process your application efficiently. By not strictly adhering to the preceding instructions, you can and will delay the processing of your application.

If any of the part of the application is falsified, you will be subject to criminal charges. Falsification of the firearms application is a crime of the third degree as provided in NJS 2C39-10c.

It is not necessary to call the Detective Division to check the status of your application. You will be contacted by telephone when your application has been completed and your paperwork is ready for pick up.

Once you have completed the TYPED forms call to schedule an appointment;

Appointments are scheduled on: Tuesdays 5pm-8pm & Wednesdays 1pm-3pm


Firearms Purchaser Identification Card - Applicant must be 18 Years Old
Application for Pistol Purchase Permit - Applicant must be 21 Years Old



  • The same application is used whether you are applying for a Handgun Purchase Permit, a Firearms ID Card, or making a change to your Firearms ID card. 
  • Do not sign the applications or the mental health form. These forms must be signed in the presence of an Officer/Detective when submitting the application.
  • All applications must contain your reference’s full name, address (including zip code) and correct phone number (do not use relatives as references). Incomplete application forms will not be accepted. If, by chance, an incomplete application is submitted, it will delay the processing of your application. 
  • When receiving the New Jersey Universal Fingerprint Form, please ensure Box #7 is filled out by the Officer/Investigator before leaving headquarters. This will be your Unique Identifier by IdentoGo by MorphoTrust USA. 
  • Applicants will receive notification by phone, when the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and/or Handgun Purchase Permit(s) are completed and ready to be picked up. 


I am a:  

 New Applicant / First Time Applicant

Existing Card Holder / Returning Applicants