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On April 10, 2019 at 3:12 am, the Secaucus Police received a call from a passerby stating a woman was on the Route 3 East Bridge looking over the railing. Upon the arrival of Police Officer George Sikaffy, the woman had her leg over the side of the guardrail, clearly intending to jump off the bridge.  In that split second, Police Officer Sikaffy grabbed her jacket and pulled her to roadway, thereby preventing her from jumping.


Demonstrating a clear intent to end her life, she began to struggle with Police Officer Sikaffy on the side of the busy highway in an attempt to break free of his hold while shouting suicidal statements.  Police Officer Jonathan Padron arrived immediately thereafter and was able to assist in restraining the combative woman.  She was hurried to an awaiting police vehicle and transported off the bridge to a safe location to await the arrival of EMS.   


The 22 year old woman of the Bronx, NY was involuntarily transported to Christ Hospital in Jersey City for a mental health evaluation.  No criminal charges have been filed.